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Alice "Ali" Longbottom II

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Name:Alice "Ali" Longbottom II
Birthdate:May 30
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

basic information

name: alice “ali” viscaria longbottom II
date of birth: born may 30 (currently 15)
sexual orientation: bisexual
gender & preferred pronouns: cis-female, she/her
hogwarts house: hufflepuff

family life & connections

parents: neville and hannah (abbott) longbottom
siblings: augusta longbottom (older), frank longbottom (older)
grandparents: frank and alice longbottom
other familial relations: ernie macmillan (godfather)
best friend(s): scorpius malfoy, albus potter, her siblings
other connections: james potter II, lily potter II

special skills & identifiable characteristics

wand specifications: alder wood with a unicorn tail hair core, 9" and quite flexible
animagus: no
patronus: dove
boggart: dementor
special skills: charms - esp household/everyday ones
other: has shown a knack for healing

personality traits

caring, imaginative, intelligent, loyal, passionate, sociable, clumsy (just a bit), insecure (occasionally), messy (as all teenagers are)

[Disclaimer: Ali is an OC in the HP fandom; created to go along with Next Gen era characters and based upon the post-Hogwarts information given about Neville Longbottom & Hannah Abbot. Mun is 21+ and owns nothing. This is all just for fun.]
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